Have you ever felt like this?

🔲you would like to speak Italian with clear proper pronunciation

🔲reading loooooong italian words makes you feel uncertain
e.g ingenuamente

🔲reading Italian words with many vowels (a, e, i, o, u) makes you panic
e.g. aiuola

🔲 you are afraid of mispronouncing a word and not being understood by native speakers

🔲 you have no idea how to pronounce words with letter R or groups of letters such GL or SC
e.g (Rovereto, Aglio, Asciugare)

🔲you have good reading comprehension but when you have to read out loud it just seems very hard

What if I told you that what you're feeling is completely normal and that you can easily overcome this?

💭Can you imagine speaking italian with confidence and talk with native speakers without feeling embarassed or anxious about your pronunciation?

💭Can you imagine someone congratulating you for your good pronunciation?

💭Can you imagine reading out loud a text without nervously sweating or having your tongue twisted?

It feels good, right?

Many students nailed it.

Everybody can do that.

Yes, even you! :)

First, let me ask you something.

Have you ever tried these things? ⤵️

🔲Maybe you have already followed a course of italian language but you weren't involved. The topics were not interesting to you.

🔲 Maybe your italian is good but you overlooked the pronunciation and now you're not satisfied with it.

🔲You probably have already tried to improve your italian pronunciation by :
-downloading a language app
-watching many tv-series or movies
-listening italian music*
*All these tools are useful but they have to be considered as reinforcement activities, not as learning activities.

Can you relate to what you've just read?


Learning languages and teaching italian is my life.
I literally do this all day long and I met many english speaker students along my teaching journey.
I know that, pronunciation in italian may seem something not essential to reach fluency. On the contrary, IT'S ESSENTIAL.

Good pronunciation helps in:

➡️Being understood easily and immediately
➡️acquiring vocabulary more efficiently
➡️improving our listening comprehension
from the very beginning as a native speaker.
➡️improving our reading skills

Pronunciation may seem like something that we would naturally absorb while listening and speaking during the learning process. This is partially true for certain gifted students, but not for others who need to start working on their pronunciation from the very beginning.

I know foreign people who have been living in Italy for 20 years and still wrongly pronounce some words. If you start in the wrong way, it will be harder to acquire a proper pronunciation. But if you start in the right way, it would be easier in the long-term.

With all this said,

Let's go back to basics.

Let's learn how to properly pronounce the most important sounds of italian language.

Here's what you'll find in PRONUNCIANDO course. ⤵️


Every lesson will be supported by a pdf file with the essential information explained during the lesson.


Play some games to verify your understanding of the lesson.

Weir...umm..Fun explanations!

I tend to use strange examples to make students understand and remember the pronunciation rules.

Listening Practice

Listening Practice

Every lesson shows several pronunciation examples of the topic. You'll hear the sounds used in context.

Speaking Practice

Record your voice with your phone and compare your pronunciation with mine.

Fun facts / Culture

Learn about italian culture through brief and clear explanations.

Parte 1


Let's learn how to proper articulate the vowels


Parte 2


Let's learn how to properly pronounce words with the hardest consonant sounds to pronounce

(in particular:

- words with letter R

- the sweet C and the hard C

-the sweet G and the hard G

-double sounds

-words with letter Z

-groups of letters such as SC and GL


Extra contents to end the course in a fun way :)

Special Launching Price

$145,60  -> $118,60 ✅


In case you're not satisfied with Pronunciando (I highly doubt it ;) ), you'll get a refund within 30 days of purchase.